DIYvsAAS: Understanding the as-a-service model and how to integrate into your operations

Speaker Bios:

Justin Dossey

Justin Dossey is Podomatic’s co-founder and Chief of Operations.  He is responsible for Podomatic’s datacenter, office environment, and information technology operations, as well as a good deal of programming in support of  Most of his code these days is in Ruby, but there’s a bit of shell and Javascript thrown in to keep things interesting.  Justin loves metaprogramming, regular expressions, open source, and distributed computing.   Before founding Podomatic in 2005, Justin was an award-winning system administrator at CollabNet (home of subversion!) and a senior engineer with Wells Fargo’s Commercial Online Banking division.

Hunter Loftis

Unique technology challenges require a creative engineering approach. Hunter Loftis, Director of Technology at Skookum Digital Works, and his crews train early in emerging technologies to provide experienced leadership when new tech is adopted. Today, SDW specializes in HTML5, responsive design, heavy JavaScript, node.js and other dynamic platforms.  Hunter contributes to several open-source JS projects including zepto.js, mongoose, and knockout.namespaces. Hunter is a year-round motorcyclist and traveler who has lived, worked, and studied in Australia, Germany, and sunny North Carolina.

David Terei

David Terei is one of the Co-Founders of MemCachier, a managed memcached service. He is currently on leave from the Stanford CS PhD program where he pursued research in programming languages and systems. Previously he worked as a consultant in the big data space at IBM and as a software engineer for two Sydney companies, SIRCA and Telstra eBusiness. David has a bachelor in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Paul Midgen

Paul Midgen, VP of Product Management at Message Bus, is a recovered phone phreak who put his love for communications & networking technology to great use on the front lines of Microsoft's forays into TCP/IP, VPN and most importantly – the browser wars. After a few years (10) working in OS and Enterprise security, he joined Hotmail to run their anti-spam and email delivery programs, rediscovering his old love – SMTP.