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Node.js, as a platform, is constantly changing and evolving. Node’s core is a melting pot of features from our own community, as well as dependencies such as V8 and libuv. Watch our State of Node.js Core Fireside Chat on-demand. This one-hour session was an open panel discussion with engineers Colin Ihrig, Wyatt Lyon Preul, and Lloyd Benson who fielded questions from our audience. The panel covered:

  • Upcoming features and improvements for the upcoming v.12 release
  • Resources available to the open source community
  • How to plan for any release

Watch and see what questions were important to your peers. 

Speaker Panel: 

Colin Ihrig, Engineer at Joyent (A Samsung Company)

Wyatt Preul, Engineer at Joyent (A Samsung Company)

Lloyd Benson, Engineer at Joyent (A Samsung Company)

Fireside Chat
State of Node.js Core
Available On-Demand